Welcome to Rabbit Ridge

Welcome to Rabbit Ridge Properties, the place to live in Cullowhee. Rabbit Ridge offers the best all around value for Cullowhee rental housing. Whether you are a student, graduate student, a member of faculty or university staff, we have the right apartment to suit your needs. We encourage you to do your homework and compare our rental apartments with others. If you consider our all-inclusive low rents, desirable location, high speed fiber optic internet, rich amenities, prompt service and beautiful grounds, we know you'll agree.

Rabbit Ridge management is committed to providing clean and well-maintained apartments. We are a 'no animals allowed' facility. If you are looking for a place free of pet allergens and without the distraction of animal noises, Rabbit Ridge is the place for you.

We aim to please... and as a result, our apartments fill up fast. Stop by and see us or inquire about availability right from this site.